I was born and raised in Fontana, CA 60 miles East of Los Angeles. I grew up learning about computers thanks to my Dad who had an IBM XT loaded with software for my siblings and I to play with and learn from. The chattering click-clack sound of that first buckling-spring keyboard never left me.

I continue to sourround myself with technology because I recognize the value it brings when used properly and maintained responsibly.

My Background

My paid career in tech support started directly out of high-school at a national ISP in Pasadena while I attended school.  It was a rewarding experience learning how to troubleshoot blind, over the phone assisting hundreds of customers a week.  Promoted through the ranks, I worked hard because of the joy in helping people no matter how easy the situation.  After the dot-com bust and subsequent outsourcing boom my job was moved overseas.

Looking for a new direction I found a professional consulting firm in West LA who hired me based on my networking background and my experience working with people.  Planning networks, building servers, managing databases and developing websites became projects I could commit good engineering towards on top of providing daily user support.  Having good organization skills and being accountable are crucial to success working as a consultant.  The firm eventually moved to Marina Del Rey which made the daily grind to and from Pasadena difficult to justify and I was not happy to leave.

A new opportunity presented itself to help a different group of people with another consulting firm.  Smaller groups requiring a mix of short and long term projects, quick deployments, and daily support became my responsibility.  This required additional personal accountability to act as the primary contact point for numerous deployments.  Lots more driving was required but I justified it because I really desired to see more of LA instead of performing a daily commute to a cubicle.

Now I can work for you!

My Family

I've got a terrific family that I'm very fortunate to have close.

My Father has been a true engineer for his whole career having worked at big demanding firms like General Dynamics, Pomona College, JPL, and now Caltech in Pasadena.  He does incredible work that always surprises me when I get a chance to see it.  I really look up to my Dad's impressive skill and accomplishments, he recently got me started with Amateur Radio.

Mom works at a Nursery in Glendora doing plant propagation and supervision, but she's always getting her hands dirty at home or at work.  Over the years she's turned the yard of the family home into a draught tolerant California Native plant exposition.  She's taught me that beautiful things can take a long time, and you may not be around to see them.

Life, The Universe and Everything

As Gag Halfrunt said about Zaphod Beeblebrox: "Vell, Zaphod's just zis guy, you know?"

I strive to be regarded at least as fondly as Zaphod one day.