Internet and Networks

  • Setup the best internet connection for your area.
  • Keep you and your information safe online.
  • Help identify unsafe email and stay protected from online security threats.
  • Setup a secure wifi network in your home or business.
  • Tune wifi networks to improve coverage and increase security.

The Fastest Connection

You want the best connection for your needs, is it DSL, Cable, or Fiber Optic?  Find out what works reliably in your area and avoid the headaches.

Stay Safe Online

Avoid security risks and know how to identify them.  Know the difference between a genuine error and one crafted to trick you.  Learn how to protect yourself on The Internet.

Secure Wireless Internet

Wifi has unshackled the computer from the desk.  While a properly configured and tuned wireless network will not put your security at risk, an improperly setup wireless network acts as an open door for for access your private data.  Ensure privacy, secure your wireless network.

Tuned Wireless Internet

Need more coverage out of your wireless network?  Frustrated now that you've added wifi to your network but you still can't use your laptop where you need it?  Get an evaluation to locate interference and configuration problems hampering reception.