Hello out there fellow HAM, 73's to you.  Welcome to my QSO page.  I've got some HAM related info consolidated here for your digestion.  Please feel free to browse any area of my site you find interesting!


Diagram of a telegraph sounder

If you are unfamiliar, QRZ maintains a callsign database allowing users to display additional personal info.  Clicking just ahead you can access my qrz.com page.

Repeaters I Access

  • N6USO 147.440 - PL 136.5 (Connected to the WALA network)
  • W6NVY 449.700 - PL 131.8 (Mt. Wilson LAUSD ARC)
  • WR6JPL - 445.200 PL 103.5 (Cerro Negro Peak JPL ARC)
  • WA6NRB + 147.120 PL 136.5 (Verdugo Peak)

My Rig

Yeasu VX-6R HTYeasu VX-6 Operating Manual

Yeasu VX-6 on loan from my Dad, KF6FWH.  I'm generally using it mobile with a dual-band mag-mount on the roof of my vehicle.

I operate at QTH's ranging from Malibu to San Bernardino, but the repeaters I access most frequently are listed above.